Legal Mobilization and Motivations

  • Devyani Prabhat
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We saw in Chapter 4 that diverse lawyers came to Guantánamo Bay work from various structural locations within the juridical field. Their entry into this work was studied by evaluating the role of intermediary organizations and networks. Such an approach of studying the intermediaries between individuals and the political field is a meso-level approach. A meso-level approach generates much insight into processes of recruitment and strategization. However, participation depends on the inclination of individuals as well. CCR's recruitment efforts may have been essential for enabling participation, but in many instances the efforts would not have been sufficient for action unless the lawyers were already inclided to undertake this work. Poet Robert Frost writes in The Road Not Taken that he took the less traveled road at a metaphorical wood (critical point in life), and that choice changed the course of his life. For most lawyers there were several roads to choose from and several chose Frost’s “less travelled” road.


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