The Force of Law Unleashed?

  • Devyani Prabhat
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National security threats create a compelling comparative context for studying the English, Northern Irish, and American legal professions. The three major theoretical frameworks for studying the legal professions: cause lawyering, political lawyering, and the Bourdieusian juridical field have all contributed to the approach of this book, which connects motivations, strategies, and outcomes. By way of theoretical triangulation, it has also been possible to use the theoretical frameworks to consolidate each other. Political lawyering highlights the links between lawyers and political liberalism while also demonstrating how this is a contingent relationship often undermined by national security. This aspect is often missing in cause lawyering and Bourdieusian studies. Because of the emphasis on the legal complex and its vairous segments, political lawyering is closer to the fields and actors approach of Bourdieu’s work.


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