Conclusion: The Future of the Executive and Assistant Relationship: Are You Up for It?

  • Jan Jones


How the relationship between you and your executive assistant evolves, will depend on where the two of you together decide to take it. What does the future look like? Is it more of the same, or have you realized that in order to move ahead successfully, you have to trust deeply and rely on each other? Guy Munnoch, the former CEO for Zurich Insurance South Africa, told me, “Trust, integrity, commitment are the fundamentals that allow two people to operate in close proximity to each other. Without them there can be no relationship.” Guy said he had “full confidence” in everything his assistant, Shehnaaz Loonat, undertook and that as the relationship developed, “We knew exactly what the other required and could almost finish each other’s sentences.” Shehnaaz added that trust is a vital ingredient in the relationship because it allows the assistant to do their job proudly, giving them confidence. “Trust and integrity allow the relationship to develop into a special bond,” said Shehnaaz.


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