Great Leaders Communicate

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The best way for my bossto help me beeffective is communicate, communicate, communicate,” says Wiggins, executive assistant to Horst Schulze, chairman of Capella Hotel Group. When I asked Kathy and other assistants, how executives can work more effectively with their assistant, without exception the response was “communicate, communicate, communicate.” “Make sure the assistant knows all they need to know in order to do their job,” said one. “Make sure the assistant knows what you expect, what your goals are for the day, the week,” answered another. Other responses included, “Keep me informed of current projects, of changes” or “Don’t double-delegate. If you ask me to do something, trust I’ll get it done.” Victoria Coote told me the best way for her boss to help her was to “communicate the necessary information—give me the big picture and let me know your opinion, which will help me to make decisions.”


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