Great Leaders Give Assistants the Resources They Need

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In a Forbes article entitled “The Most Popular Employee Perks of 2014,” contributor Kate Harrison details a dizzying array of perks that companies are offering their employees, including fresh-squeezed juice stations, made-to-order stir-fry bars, on-site gyms, even month-long company retreats to exotic locations.1 With such attractive offerings, it looks like the days when employees struggled to get the tools they needed to get the job done, are largely behind us. The cost-effectiveness of technology and the benefits it brings to employers means assistants are not struggling to get new computers, apps, iPads, company-paid smartphones, and such to help them perform their jobs, like the old days when getting an IBM Selectric typewriter was a big deal, and being allowed to have more than two “golf balls” for it was a sure sign you were supporting a top executive, or the company had plenty of money. Often additional golf balls (typeface elements) resided with the executive secretary to the CEO, and you could borrow them on pain of death if you didn’t return them.


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