The Attractiveness of Western Countries for Outsourcing Services and Backsourcing

  • Ilan Oshri
  • Julia Kotlarsky
  • Leslie P. Willcocks


In this chapter, we continue the examination of country attractiveness, however, by focusing on the characteristics of Western countries. We build on the country attractiveness framework presented in Chapter 3 which is generally suitable for the evaluation of developing countries and revise it to accommodate the value proposition of Western countries. We illustrate the use of this Talent-based, Value-adding and Advanced Sourcing (TAVAAS) framework based on the analysis of the UK. The attractiveness of Western countries for outsourcing services has become an important component in the firm’s global business service portfolio as some services are provided from onshore or in some other cases services are brought back in-house from an offshore location. In this chapter, we therefore focus on the following aspects:
  • A framework to analyse the attractiveness of Western economies for outsourcing services: the UK case

  • A decision matrix to assess firm’s propensity to invest in a Western economy

  • Backsourcing IT and Business Processes.


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