First Season: December 1819 to September 1820

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This chapter and the next present Bellingshausen’s official reports from the Russian Antarctic Expedition. They have been labelled B1 etc. for ease of cross-reference, and the other translated texts have been treated similarly. (In order to reserve L1 for Chapter 9, Count Lieven’s letter has been labelled V1 here.) For the locations of translated documents, see the Bibliography. In the originals, dates and places of origin were entered in the margin or at the end. In the translations they are internal headers, usually opposite the word ‘Report’. Ivan Rezanov, Vostok’s clerk,1 was probably responsible for the filing numbers on some reports, such as ‘No. 225’ on B1. They are shown here immediately after the date. Other filing numbers and dates of reception were sometimes added at the Ministry of Marine. When they occur they are shown in italics as the first of the internal headers, wherever they were placed. Lastly, Rezanov sometimes added his own name at the end.


East Wind Filing Number Good Spirit Thick Murk Internal Header 
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