In November 1819 Simonov sent a letter from Rio to his patron Mikhail Leont’evich Magnitskii, the draconian reforming rector of the University of Kazan, describing the expedition’s progress to date. An extract appeared in the second issue of Kazanskii Vestnik in February 1821, making it the first news of the expedition to be published in Russia. Simonov closed by whetting the reader’s appetite for more:

We shall be preparing for a very difficult and dangerous voyage among the giant masses of ice which surround the South Pole; preparing to shut ourselves up in wooden planks for four months and float about above the abyss of the ocean. Farewell, Your Excellency; I shall have no opportunity to write to you for four months. Farewell, God willing, until Port Jackson, in the fifth part of the world. (Simonov, 1821a: 139)


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