Old Bloomsbury

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‘Are you coming to town to hear Virginia read on Old Bloomsbury on Wednesday?’ E. M. Forster wrote to Lytton Strachey 2 July 1928.1 Two days later Virginia read to the Club a memoir that has become, along with’22 Hyde Park Gate’, which she read to the Memoir Club in 1920, a prime source for the biography of Virginia Stephen. Perhaps because the memoir opens with a continuation of the life at Hyde Park Gate, Quentin Bell dated it — parenthetically within a footnote — as having been read to the Club ‘in about 1922’. Subsequent biographers and editors have followed him in this misdating.2 Memoir Club correspondence of Forster, Molly MacCarthy, and Lytton Strachey confirms, however, that ‘Old Bloomsbury’ was read to the Memoir Club years later on 4 July 1928.


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