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  • Alison Edgley
Part of the Critical Explorations in Contemporary Political Thought book series (CEPT)


This varied collection of essays illustrates the richness, depth, and breadth of Chomsky’s thinking. It is the thinking of an activist, a scholar, and someone with an unquenchable commitment to humanity. The chapters demonstrate the many ways in which his ideas and analysis can bring a sharp focus and startling insight to our understanding of the human world. From debates about human nature and epistemology in social science, to the nature of social knowledge and the contemporary relevance of the Propaganda Model to the anarchist tradition and revolutionary transformation of society, Chomsky brings so much of interest for debate. Even as he addresses social and political issues in detail, Chomsky’s works relate to wider and deeper debates in the social sciences generally and contemporary political thought in particular. The result? Disagreeing with him becomes a potentially rewarding experience.


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