British-IRA Talks 1975–76

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It was on 10 March 1975 that the PAC, having reviewed the Truce situation, complained that after four weeks of genuine and sustained suspension of hostilities by Oglaigh na hEireann, the response of the British Government ‘is considered unsatisfactory by the Army Council’. It formally told HMG that the duration of the Truce depended on the progress made towards securing a permanent peace. Negotiations on the three basic demands of the Republican Movement for a permanent peace ‘have not made any worthwhile progress. We therefore demand the initiation of such talks on a realistic basis.’ Any matters of a Truce supervisory nature must be handled by a separate team of negotiators. Point 1 of the Truce agreement was not being honoured by Crown Forces. The arrest of three Republicans in County Armagh was a gross violation of the Truce: ‘We shall gauge the sincerity and integrity of HMG in observing the Truce by the immediate release of the three men’, the PAC warned the British. The action of the RUC over the previous few weeks had been a violation of Point 3 of the Truce agreement: ‘If this action continues Oglaigh na hEireann will adopt suitable measures to bring to an end all forms of harassment and provocation by the RUC.’ A public statement to this effect would be issued, informing the people of Britain and Ireland of the new situation, stated the PAC.1


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