More Players and More Recalls

  • Hari Bapuji


The global nature of supply chains has changed the mechanics of the toy industry in the United States and elsewhere. A number of companies in China and other emerging economies have begun to specialize in manufacturing. As a result, toy companies that had traditionally focused on toy design, development, and manufacturing have now sharpened their focus to design and development, and have offshored the manufacturing piece. This specialization brings economic advantages because companies can focus on the skills most relevant to that aspect of toy production, but at the same time, such companies may also lose some of their manufacturing skills. In other words, design and manufacturing have now become separated from each other—not just by organizational boundaries, but also by national boundaries— and this separation makes it difficult to ensure an integrated, holistic view of a product since each player is focused on their own individual role.


Organization Type Design Flaw Manufacturing Flaw Excess Lead Target Store 
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