How to Develop Africa

  • George B. N. Ayittey


Africa’s disastrous postcolonial economic record provides overwhelming evidence that the state-controlled socialist economic model can never be used to develop Africa successfully. First, the inherent superiority of the statist model has not been proven convincingly in any part of the Third World. Second, even if such a model can be adjudged superior, Africa lacks the necessary supporting inputs to make the model work: an efficient administrative machinery, honest and dedicated civil servants, as well as an effective communications network. Africa lacks all these. Third, the statist/socialist model benefited only the ruling vampire elites. Only they rode about in Mercedes Benzes. Only they purchased commodities at government-controlled prices. Only they had access to government-subsidized housing. Even their funerals were paid for by the government. But there were also more practical reasons why statism failed miserably in Africa.


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