The articles in this volume focus on a wide range of materials: roadside crosses in Louisiana; the responses to September 11 in New York and Washington, DC, and the Texas A&M bonfire collapse among other. While certain well-known tragedies such as the Oklahoma City bombing, the death of Princess Diana, and the September 11 attacks have brought a great deal of mass media attention to the contemporary mourning ritual of spontaneous shrines, this volume does not attempt to be universally inclusive of every such tragedy. That is impossible. Instead, this book will deal directly with certain instances such as 9/11 in New York and at the Pentagon, the Texas A&M Bonfire collapse, as well as traffic fatalities, gang-related violence, and drowning. Many articles analyze the spontaneous shrine tradition with reference to such widely known events as the death of Princess Diana and the Oklahoma City bombing. These articles provide an analytical framework for discussing spontaneous, vernacular responses to untimely death.


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