The Indigenous Work and Its Authorship

  • Michelle Bigenho


The Yureño ayllu of Wisiqsa had gathered in Pelqa for their annual meeting under the auspices of the local NGO, ISALP (Investigación Social y Asesoramiento Legal, Potosí, Social Research and Legal Advising, Potosi). The agenda of the meeting was filled with discussions of specific projects—potable water, land recuperation, canal construction, and so on. The discussion of a cassette production was added to the agenda at my request. I had produced a cassette of Toropalca’s music for Toropalqueños and I intended to do the same in Yura. I posed the above question within a broad discussion of the entire Yureño cassette production. Although my fieldwork in both Yureño and Toropalqueño contexts indeed revealed an association of individual composers with specific compositions, Yureños and Toropalqueños seemed to favor the presentation of these materials under the name of a collectivity.


Dust Transportation Expense Liner Argentina 


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