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[The following file, based upon that provided in volume II, Essays and Memoires, of Marguerite Yourcenar’s complete works in the Pléiade Edition, reflects the author’s intention of revising and expanding the preface of the 1938 edition of Dreams and Destinies, as well as of supplementing the original narrations with a later group of commented dreams. The texts are found in documenta-tion housed in the Archives of the Editions Gallimard, Paris, and also, where indicated, in additional documents in “Sources II, Meditations and Dreams” from the Marguerite Yourcenar collec-tion at the Houghton Library, Harvard University, shelf mark bMS FR372.2. All bracketed commentary on the following pages sum-marizes the remarks of the Pléiade editorial group in compiling the documentation.]


Sexual Prejudice Involuntary Memory Great Dream Gray Horse Original Narration 
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