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They say Kakheti is the happiest, most easygoing part of Georgia,” Marika said. “There is a joke revealing the character of those who live here. An American tourist is walking through its countryside when he comes across a local man asleep under a tree. ‘What are you doing wasting your life asleep under a tree —’ he asks him, ‘— when you could be out using your time more productively?’ ‘How?’ asks the Kakhetian. ‘You could be working, or studying, or planting …’ ‘Why?’ asks the Kakhetian. ‘So you could be rich and then do what you always wanted to do,’ replies the astonished American. ‘What do you think I’m doing right now?’ asks the Kakhetian and turns over, pulls his cap back down over his eyes.” Marika smiled. “I don’t know if it’s a completely fair indication of character, but it’s where our best wine comes from.”


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