Dialogue of the Deaf 1988

  • Roger Kirk
  • Mircea Raceanu


Differences in the U.S. and Romanian views as to what exactly Ceauşescu had done by renouncing most-favored-nation status under conditions of Jackson-Vanik became apparent soon after he made his decision. On February 19, 1988, Deputy Foreign Minister Olimpia Solomonescu gave Kirk a copy of Ceauşescu’s February 12 letter to Reagan on the matter and discussed the next steps. Reflecting the Romanian desire for intergovernmental discussions on according MFN or the equivalent without conditions, Solomonescu stressed the importance of keeping the Romanian renunciation confidential. Somewhat illogically, she also said that the United States should cease public discussion of Romanian internal affairs in the MFN context. She urged the United States to inform Romania soon of a date to begin discussion of a commercial agreement between the two countries.


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