Keep the Aspidistra Flying

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From October 1934 to January 1936 Orwell worked as a part-time assistant at a secondhand bookshop, Booklovers’ Corner, 1 South End Road, Hampstead. The pattern of his daily life at this time is summarised in a letter to Brenda Salkeld in which he described his working routine:

I am living a busy life at present. My time-table is as follows: 7 .a.m. get up, dress etc., cook & eat breakfast. 8.45 go down & open the shop, & I am usually kept there till about 9.45. Then come home, [a furnished room close to the bookshop] do out my room, light the fire etc. 10.30.a.m.–1.p.m. I do some writing, 1.p.m. get lunch & eat it. 2.p.m.–6.30.p.m. I am at the shop. Then I come home, get my supper, do the washing up & after that sometimes do about an hour’s work. In spite of all this, I have got more work done in the last few days than during weeks before when I was being harried all day long.26


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