Rational, Political and Cultural Uses of Performance Monitors: The Case of Dutch Urban Policy

  • Dennis de Kool
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The New Public Management was a catalyst for monitoring activities in the public sector (Bouckaert, De Peuter and Van Dooren, 2003; Mayne and Zapico-Goni, 1997; Vedung, 1997). The Netherlands is no exception with amongst others a drug monitor, an integration monitor and a traffic mobility monitor. These monitors track policy-relevant developments in a systematic and periodic way. Although monitoring of policy processes is quite common in the public sector, the utilization of these monitors remains under-explored (Poister, 1983; Vedung, 1997). In the current mode of monitoring, rational assumptions are dominant (De Kool and van Buuren, 2004). This chapter argues that besides the rational approach, we need cultural and political perspectives for a better understanding of the utilization of monitors.


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