Swords into Plowshares in an Age of Global Governance

  • Andrew Hurrell
Part of the Culture and Religion in International Relations book series (CRIR)


What place might Isaiah’s vision of a peace grounded on justice, righteousness, and trust have within contemporary international society?I T begin this chapter by contrasting the debates on world order of the immediate post-1945 period with the discussions of global governance of the 1990s, In the earlier period, two themes closely related to Isaiah’s vision were central—disarmament and the view that future progress toward peace would involve a radical restructuring of world politics. Following the end of the cold war, by contrast, much of the academic and political debate saw the challenge of global governance in narrower, technocratic terms; there was an emphasis on enforcement rather than disarmament; and few appeared to believe that the creation of new institutions was either viable or necessary.


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