A Moralizing Fundamentalism

  • Abd al-Latif Sultani


The same harmful effects that were produced by the Mazdak sect in Persian society (licentiousness, usurpation, injustice, etc.…) are reproduced [in the modern age] by socialism and Communism in the countries that are afflicted by them. Injustice and debauchery in all forms are common there. Liberties that call on the good and fight against evil are smothered there, while those who want to do evil or aid it are given complete freedom. Abandoned children are legion, the result of this promiscuity between the sexes instituted under the cover of progres-sivism, of liberation and emancipation, etc.… King Choroes I the Great (Sassanid Emperor of the fourteenth century before Jesus Christ) summed up the results: “The most vile species mixed with the most honorable elements. The low people, who did not have the audacity to reveal themselves before, had access to the most precious women….”


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