Boycotting the 1997 Election in Jordan

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In 1989 the grand hope for democratic transformation that could foster development and prosperity for Jordan (the society and the state) was revived. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) responded positively to the new political developments which formed a part of their comprehensive project of building the country and serving the society through a moderate methodology. Through this project, the MB has realized, over several decades, significant achievements for the society in the charitable, social, cultural, educational, public service, and health fields in addition to its ongoing ethical guidance. It had interacted positively with the requirements of these transformations and participated in the 11th parliamentary session, in the laying down of the National Convention in cooperation with other intellectual trends and political powers, and in the formation of the 1991 cabinet amidst critical local and regional circumstances. The MB responded positively and honestly to political pluralism. The MB participated in the 1993 elections despite the dissolution of parliament before the end of its legal mandate and the issuance of the temporary law of “One Man One Vote” in 1993 which, according to many local, Arab, and international leaders of public opinion and public work, aimed to diminish and contain the Islamic movement. This law has torn the social fabric and paralyzed the popular political forces from developing the political and social life of Jordan. It has also aborted the possibility of any real exchange of power and any influence on political and legislative decisions.


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