Fallacy of Rationalism

  • Sayyid Abul A‘la Maududi


Influence of the western education and civilization on the religious views of our youth, raw in Islamic grooming, can be judged from their writings and utterances. A Muslim graduate from U.P. (India) wrote an article giving an account of a tour of China and Japan undertaken by him. He wrote:

Our Chinese co-travelers are extremely voracious eaters and liquor boozers. They die for pork It is now that I have come to know the secret of Christianity’s popularity. Modem education has made the Chinese ashamed of their age old religion. He could have embraced Islam without any hesitation had he understood it in let- ter and spirit But, Islam deprives him of his favorite food. Therefore, willingly or unwillingly, he becomes Christian. No wonder if Christianity becomes China’s official religion in the near future. I am a bit lenient toward the European and Chinese Muslim converts in the matter of pork. Moreover, I doubt the Quran has explicitly forbidden it. I feel pork was forbidden for the Arabs for some special reason. I see no harm in permitting it in the countries where it is but a physical need without any intention of flouting divine injunction. Any how I must admit this is the only Quranic injunction or general prohibition which is beyond my comprehension, as to me the motivation and incentive for good and evil has nothing to do with the stomach. If we concede such a relationship and let religion de- termine even our menu, then why should it not teach us the principles of the job of blacksmith, goldsmith and tailor. I feel the main reason Islam is making no headway, is that it snatches all discretion from human beings reducing them to a body deprived of all life and action or a child devoid of all senses and urges for material betterment Religion in my opinion should be as permissive and liberal as Christians consider their religion.


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