Positioned now in the twenty-first century, we may recall, perhaps in an ironic manner, the words of the early twentieth-century critic, Lionel Johnson: “After all, who is to decide what is, absolutely and definitely, the Celtic and Irish note? Many a time I have shown my English friends Irish poems, which Irish critics have declared to be un-Irish; and the English verdict has constantly been: ‘How un-English! How Celtic! What a strange, remote far-away beauty in the music and in the colour!’” Indeed after reading some of the most engaging and outrageous novels from the last decade of the twentieth century, we may be at a loss to name “the Celtic and Irish note,” yet fully agree that these novels have “a strange, remote far-away beauty in the music and in the colour.” For example, McCabes characters, Francis and Pussy, certainly challenge Celtic myth and yet have a strange, remote far-away quality. Johnson would probably have some difficulty identifying the homogenous elements in Hood or Crazy Love that designate them as Irish novels. What Sameness can be accorded?


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