Sexualities on Parade

  • Véronique Nahoum-Grappe


Taking a walk is a delicate enterprise in which each step moves toward forgetting. Occasionally, at a turn in the road, an improbable visual encounter occurs. So when in one of our contemporary cities, such as London, Paris, or Hamburg, the flâneur stumbles upon the Gay Pride parade, the urgency of seeing, up until that moment numbed by walking, holds her transfixed; on the edge of this procession of proudly claimed homosexualities she is open to everything. From the sea of sexualized figures before her arises the astonishing spectacle of collective imagination working on the presence of the human body at the risk of submerging her like a small pebble whipped up in waves of bodily images. Whatever her political views and the degree of intellectual intimacy she maintains with her own sexuality, distracted and wide-eyed, the ordinary passerby slows down her pace in accordance with the spectacular impact of the event. What is at stake in this demonstration is the aesthetic nature of the link between politics and sexuality.


Sexualized Body Collective Imagination Chance Encounter Small Pebble Sexual Choice 
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