Eleven Dead Caddies and One Dead Punk

  • Jeff Ferrell


a while back i hooked up with a navajo man, maybe forty years old, shivering cold on a late-winter afternoon in Flagstaff, Arizona. He’d left the nearby Navajo Rez a couple of days before, hitchhiking down notorious Highway 89, a concussive mix of two-lane curves, gawking Grand Canyon tourists, late-for-the-weekend Lake Powell junkies jerking big ski boats along behind overpowered SUVs, and Rez residents driving old pickups back and forth to Flagstaff. As a result, Highway 89 is known for something else too: all those white roadside crosses, here marking one of the highway’s countless head-on collisions, there pinning down some deadly moment when a car cartwheeled off 89 and out into the surrounding sandstone.


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