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long before the public was allowed to view the Zapruder film, I sat expectantly in the front row of a tiny movie theater on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, impatiently watching the black-and-white David Wolper film of the Kennedy assassination called 1000 Days. At its end, there was silence and a blank screen, and then the clear, color Zapruder film began. The first thing I noticed was the elegant midnight-blue Lincoln Continental limousine, with its stylish chrome grille, the red parade lights blinking and the presidential and American flags flapping in the wind. Then I saw the president, hand raised, smiling, tanned and relaxed. In the seconds that followed, I saw the president grab at his throat as the first shot hit, then turn to his wife, voiceless, motionless, for what seemed an eternity, and then I saw the president’s body thrown back, debris flying up and backward from the fatal head shot.


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