Highway to Hell

The Story of California’s Freeway Killer
  • Michael Newton


make no mistake about it: californians love their cars. They also love their freeways, and they are in love with speed. The Golden State is almost single-handedly responsible for giving us the modern blight or blessing that is drive-by, drive-through culture. It’s no coincidence that in California, a driving license acts as the only form of identity document—in fact, nondrivers often find themselves obliged to acquire one simply to have proof of their identity. Nor is it any surprise that 10 percent of all the road rage deaths reported since 1990 happened in California, which has more vehicles on the road than any other state. In California, driving is an integral part of everyday life. And as California goes on wheels, so goes the nation—and it goes all out, ignoring the cautionary signposts along the way.


North Fork Motorcycle Crash Local Panic Santa Cruz Mountain Double Slaying 
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