Encounter with a Mexican Jaguar

Nature, NAFTA, Militarization, and Ranching in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
  • Joni Adamson


Any mention of ranching on the U.S.-Mexico border today is likely to touch off fierce debates over armed vigilante cowboys and their friends in the KKK rounding up undocumented Mexican immigrants who are reportedly delivered to the U.S. Border Patrol or, as some suspect, murdered. In several, widely reported press conferences that have drawn attention to the southern Arizona border region, rancher Roger Barnett and his brother Donald have claimed that they and a loose coalition of ranchers and white supremacists from all over the United States are responsible for having “caught” over two thousand immigrants. According to the Barnett brothers, these coalitions are “prepared to kill Mexicans” who are damaging his and other ranchers’ property and causing harm to the environment.1


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