Conclusion: The Aegean — Life-line and Battle-line

  • Aldo Chircop
  • André Gerolymatos
  • John O. Iatrides
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From the dawn of the Bronze Age and Homer’s immortal epics to the latest confrontation in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, the Aegean Sea has been critically important to countless armies of merchants, warriors, and crusaders. As a geographic entity, it is a narrow body of water dotted with islands, islets, and rocks. However, the Aegean is both a link and barrier between the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and the maritime causeway between the land masses of Europe, Asia, the Near East, and Africa. In effect, this maritime highway has been one of history’s more productive crucibles for human accomplishment, as well as an arena of conflict and destruction.


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  • André Gerolymatos
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