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E.H. Carr — the Aberystwyth Years, 1936–1947

  • Brian Porter


Edward Hallett Carr was appointed to the Woodrow Wilson Chair of International Politics at Aberystwyth in March 1936 at the age of 43. A Cambridge double-first in classics, he had joined the Foreign Office in 1916 as a career diplomat. Three years later, as one of the British delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, he saw high-level diplomacy at first hand. He later served in Latvia and Geneva, and back at the Foreign Office as adviser on League of Nations affairs. But he was also a scholar, with a particular interest in Russia and Russian literature. His years in Riga (1925–29), then a listening post for events in the Soviet Union, gave him the opportunity to develop this interest. Already on coming to Aberystwyth he had published works on Dostoevsky, Marx and Alexander Herzen and his circle, and he was now engaged on a life of the revolutionary anarchist, Michael Bakunin.


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