Supplement: Angel Becomes Dog Becomes Camel: Man and Camel

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As this monograph was being prepared for publication, Mark Strand was readying for release his most surprising collection to date, one that might shock some of his readership into believing he had made a substantial departure in style and philosophy. From a mere glance at the playful cover of Man and Camel—which received more than one quizzical comment from listeners at a reading early in 2006—one would recognize the prevalent place humor would have in the collection, for indeed the title alone is hard to read with utter seriousness. Yet, while humor does weave its way more deeply in many of these poems, Strand also is somewhat more biting in his treatment of established subjects, as well. He is less tongue-in-cheek on both levels, thus, though certainly not at the expense of his characteristic subtlety. Ultimately, while there is playfulness and wit in the poetry, the alterations in these poems are primarily tonal, substantive in style, but familiar in theme and philosophy. Still, the remaking of the self that was undertaken in Blizzard of One, must not stop at any one moment in the poet’s career, but continue throughout that career, and this collection is no different in its mapping out new territory within which the Strand poem can flourish.


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