What Was Thought about the Departed

from Gifford Lectures on Anthropological Religion (1891)
  • Jon R. Stone


We saw in a former lecture how the name and concept of soul arose. It was a perfectly simple process; what may almost be called a mere process of subtraction. There was man, a living body, acting, feeling, perceiving, thinking, and speaking. Suddenly, after receiving one blow with a club, that living body collapses, dies, putrefies, falls to dust. The body, therefore, is seen to be destroyed. But there is nothing to prove that the agent within that body, who felt, who perceived, who thought and spoke, had likewise been destroyed, had died, putrefied, and fallen to dust. Hence the very natural conclusion that, though that agent had departed, it continued to exist somewhere, even though there was no evidence to show how it existed and where it existed.


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