The Opium War and the ‘Daoguang yangsao zhengfu ji’

  • Masuda Wataru


As noted in his diary, cited earlier, Shorn spent nearly every day copying out excerpts and studying in great detail the Shengwu ji, but absent from mention in his diary, it seems, was the ‘Daoguang yangsao zhengfu ji,’ which appeared in juan 10 of the text. This is apparently due to the fact that Shōin’s study of the Shengwu ji was based on the Japanese edition of Wei Yuan’s work which only reprinted the ‘Wushi yuji’ portion of this juan. But, it seems that, even if he had been able to examine the original edition of the Shengwu ji, that too did not include the ‘Daoguang yangsao zhengfu ji’ section at the end of juan 10 -namely, a section discussing the Opium War.


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