The Small Sword Society and the Novel Man-Shin kiji

  • Masuda Wataru


Information concerning the uprising of the Small Sword Society seems to have reached Japan via Chinese ships that docked at the port of Nagasaki. The third volume of Kaei Meiji nenkan roku (Annual Records for the Kaei through Meiji Periods) (compiled by Yoshino Maho, 1820–70)a carries such an account.


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  1. 1.
    In Yoshida Kurazō, ed., Shōin sensei icho (The Posthumous Works of Yoshida Shōin) (Tokyo: Min’yūsha, 1909), volume 2; and in Yoshida Shōin zenshū, volume 2, pp. 93–121. The latter of these couplets did in fact appear at the beginning of a section of documents on the Triads in the Chinese work, Taiping tianguo shiliao (Historical Documents on the Taiping Rebellion) (Beijing reprint: Zhonghua shuju, 1959); in the last form, the expression of ‘proceeding immediately to cleanse’ has been changed to ‘proceeding immediately ahead.’Google Scholar

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