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Amelia undertook a work placement in theatre administration in the second year of her degree course in Cultural Studies with Theatre Studies. Before going to university she had worked in treasury and banking, and at thirty she was slightly older than many of her undergraduate colleagues. Amelia decided to target a local theatre that had a good reputation for innovative work. Since she had previously worked there as a volunteer usher, she knew who to contact and was able to make her own work placement arrangements, namely to attend one day per week for a minimum of ten weeks. The work was unpaid, but she hoped, through her placement, to find out more about theatre administration and enhance her CV:

I think it exposes you to an organisation that you would otherwise have no access to and it does make you open your eyes to it. Having worked in banking and then going into an arts organisation it’s completely different. It opened my eyes to the question — is that what I really want to be doing at the end of the degree anyway? & I think anything you can add to your CV is a bonus. Because if you are going in with nothing and you are competing with a lot of other people with nothing then how are they going to siphon out the good from the bad. And it also shows commitment I think.


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