Applying for a Placement

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Finding a work placement can be a lengthy process involving false leads, rejections and redirections on the route to eventual success, so it is important to be very organised about keeping track of any opportunities you discover and applications that you submit. The first stage is to set up a computer file or buy a notebook in which you can record your progress on the way to securing a placement. This is essential, since you are likely to be speaking on the telephone or writing to a considerable number of people, and if you are then invited for interview it is important that you are able to track the correspondence and recall the information that you have already given, together with the response to it. An alphabetical system may be best as it is quick and easy to use, and you should keep your notes in one place so that if, for example, you are telephoned unexpectedly, you will be able to retrieve them quickly and recall the background to the particular application. In your file you should note the progress of all applications, including the names of anyone to whom you have spoken on the telephone, plus the relevant dates and any suggestions that were made. Retain the original advertisement and person specification, if there is one, as it is often useful to remind oneself of the basic requirements prior to attending an interview. You might also keep a copy of your covering letters. Even if you are not offered a placement at the time, this file could be very useful after graduation when you are searching for a permanent job.


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