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Conclusion: Remaking Everything

  • Constantine Verevis


Quentin says: ‘It [was] a film-geek thing to do’. A twenty-two-year-old film school graduate, with the ‘cool-sounding name’ of Mr White, entered Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?, a short film comparing Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (1992) and Ringo Lam’s City on Fire (1987), in the 1995 New York Underground Film Festival.1 The question of the similarities between the two films had already surfaced in the pages of Empire and Film Threat magazines, and Tarantino had defended his film in (what White describes as) the ‘Great Poster Defense’ at the 1994 festival at Cannes. Asked whether Reservoir Dogs and Ringo Lam’s film — the story of an undercover cop who had infiltrated a band of thieves preparing to rob a jewellery store — were the same, Tarantino replied: I loved City on Fire. I got the poster framed in my house, so it’s a great movie … I steal from every single movie made … If my work has anything it’s because I’m taking from this and from that, piecing them together. If people don’t like it, tough titty, don’t go see it.2


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