Introduction: Remaking Film

  • Constantine Verevis


This book provides a broad introduction to some of the issues and concerns arising from the concept of film remaking. Although the cinema has been repeating and replaying its own narratives and genres from its very beginnings, film remaking has received little critical attention in the field of cinema studies. What is film remaking? Which films are remakes of other films? How does film remaking differ from other types of repetition, such as quotation, allusion and adaptation? What is the relationship between remakes and other commercial forms such as sequels, cycles and series? How is film remaking different from the cinema’s more general ability to repeat and replay the same film over and again through reissue and redistribution? And how does remaking differ from the way every film is ‘remade’ — dispersed and transformed — in its every new context or re-viewing? These are questions that have seldom been asked, let alone satisfactorily answered, in cinema studies.


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