Living with Julian

  • Kathleen Symons


It was in 1950 that Julian and I bought our first house. For the first years of our marriage we had lived in flats all over London, St John’s Wood, Pimlico and lastly Blackheath where our daughter, Sarah, was born in 1948. The move to the country was not taken lightly — indeed Julian, the urban man, had serious misgivings but in the end agreed as long as it would not be forever. In fact we stayed there for five years to the day we moved in and Julian’s first non-fiction book was published in 1950 almost as soon as we settled in. This was the biography of his brother A. J. A. Symons, author of The Quest for Corvo, the acclaimed ‘experiment in biography’ published in 1934 and who had tragically died at the age of forty-one.


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