Concepts and Reality (1916)

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Very esteemed Professor [Geheimrat],1 you published a pamphlet entitled Zionism and Religion, which in many respects seems remarkable to me in its claims as well as in its challenges. …


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    Moses Hess (1812–1875), German-Jewish social thinker, who for a short period of time was closely associated with Marx and Engels. In 1862 Hess published Rome and Jerusalem, a book that was widely unnoticed at the time but anticipated many ideas of Zionism. In 1893 the Viennese Zionist Nathan Birnbaum suggested that Rome and Jerusalem be included in the canon of “Jewishnational” literature (see Nathan Birnbaum: Die nationale Wiedergeburt des jüdischen Volkes in seinem Lande als Mittel zur Lösung der Judenfrage [Vienna: Selfpublished, 1893], p. 27). Theodor Herzl considered Hess his spiritual ancestor (although he discovered him only after he had written the Jewish State in 1896). Buber frequently referred to Hess and devoted an essay to him (“Der Erste der Letzten,” 1945, in Martin Buber: Der Jude und sein Judentum: Gesammelte Aufsätze und Reden [Gerlingen: Lambert Schneider, 1993], pp. 398–410).Google Scholar

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