Disguising Doom: A Study of the Linguistic Features of Audience Manipulation in Michael Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion

  • Michael Hoey


Michael Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion (1970) has a simple enough plot. Humans on a parallel Earth call to their aid an eternal champion, Erekosë, to help them rid the world of the Evil Ones, the Eldren. He does so, almost wiping them out. At the last he realises that they were not evil after all but that the humans were the truly evil ones. So he switches sides and proceeds to wipe out the human race:

Two months before I had been responsible for winning the cities of Mernadin for Humanity. Now I reclaimed them in the name of the Eldren […] I destroyed every human being occupying them […] Not merely the great cities were destroyed. Villages were destroyed. Hamlets were destroyed. Towns and farms were destroyed. I found some people hiding in caves. The caves were destroyed. I destroyed forests where they might flee. I destroyed stones that they might creep under […] It was fated that Humanity should die on this planet.1


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