Adlai’s Integrity and Credibility Were Impressive National Resources

  • Carl McGowan


Among the items contained in the folder labeled “Adlai” from my father’s old file cabinet is a brittle, yellowed clipping of a Doonesbury cartoon. Drawn soon after the 1984 election in which the popularity of the incumbent president helped sweep a new Republican majority—including a new congressman from Georgia—into office, the first panel shows journalist Rick Redfern waking up after a night of heavy drinking. After apologizing to his wife for his behavior, Rick goes on to bemoan the election results: “What if it wasn’t just a triumph of personality, Joanie? What if it’s a real revolution? What if one day my kid wakes up in a country run by Newt Gingrich?” In his anguish, he begs her, “Joanie … if something happens to me … you must tell our son about Adlai Stevenson!”


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