Recasting Political Authority: Globalization and the State

  • Ronen Palan
Part of the International Political Economy Series book series (IPES)


Our era is not characterized by a new post-Fordist state (Jessop, 1993) or by the withering away of the state (Ohmae, 1990), and not even by the internationalization of the state (Cox, 1981; Picciotto, 1990). Indeed, our era is characterized by each and all, in a plethora of political experiments ranging from the reinvention of the state to the creation of regional organizations, and including developmental models, social democratic states and minute tax-haven states (Palan and Abbott, 1996). Indeed, the very space of authority, the state system, is bifurcating into two separate realms. ‘Onshore’ is supplemented by ‘offshore’, the latter marking a different level of intensity by which states propose to apply regulations and taxation (Palan, 1996).


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