He had a face like an ape. His forehead was wrinkled like that of an ape. His eyes were big and grey, with dead, white rims, utterly without expression. His ears were enormous and outstanding. His nose was short. Its point stuck upwards. His nostrils were like the mouths of little bells. He had flabby lips and a sunken chin. The colour of his cheeks was dark brown, like that of the uprooted earth when it is parched by the sun. His cheeks were dented with innumerable little lines, each line a mark of toil, furrows of pain. His rags were tied about him with cords. His boots were caked with dried earth. On his right shoulder he carried his coat, held limply by a great red hand. His left hand gripped the hanging mane of a horse that trudged beside him. He leaned against the horse’s shoulder, his head near the horse’s head.


Sudden Pain Dead Leave Dull Sound Brute Instinct Head Hanging 
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