The Cow’s Death

  • A. A. Kelly


The calf was still-born. It came from the womb tail first. When its red, unwieldy body dropped on the green-sward it was dead. It lay with its head doubled about its neck in a clammy mass. The men stood about it and shook their heads in silence. The wife of the peasant who owned the cow sighed and said, ‘It is God’s will.’ The cow moaned, mad with the pain of birth. Then she wheeled around cumbersomely, her hoofs driving into the soft earth beneath the weight of her body. She stooped over the calf and moaned, again smelling it. Then she licked the still body with her coarse tongue lovingly. The woman rubbed the cow’s matted forehead, and there was a tear in her eye; for she too was a mother.


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