It was an afternoon in June. The sun stood over the town of Kilmurrage like a ball of fire and everybody was going about perspiring and cursing. Down by the sea on the eastern outskirts of the town, the house of the retired district inspector of police lay sheltered from the heat. The sun played on its back furiously, but the front of it, facing the sea, was in the shade. The retired district inspector was a man of taste and regularity, and the front of his house was arranged skilfully to give comfort in warm weather. A verandah supported by four concrete pillars was covered with ivy, rosebushes and evergreens. The garden, surrounded by a low wall of concrete, was neatly arranged in flower beds and all the beds were in bloom. In the centre of the garden was a little avenue covered with brown, yellow, and black sea pebbles, while beneath, separated from the house only by the limestone road and a sloping beach of coloured sand and pebbles, the sea murmured, gently fanned by the breeze.


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