With a wild rush of scraping feet, the rabbit darted in under the fiat rock. His right hind leg spat up a sliver of stone from the crag and disappeared, just as the dog’s snout landed with a thud at the hole. The dog yelped as he tumbled head over heels with the force of his mad rush. The rabbit crawled along the straight groove in the crag under the rock. His claws made a rasping sound as, one after the other, his legs thrust his body forward. He left a trail of brown fur behind him. Midway he halted, panting. He saw the dog’s black nose twitching and snorting at the far end of the groove in front. He painfully drew up his legs under his belly, twisted around his head so that he could see both entrances to the groove and waited. His sides pressed against the rock as they heaved.


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