Community policing in England

  • Robert R. Friedmann


Central government plays a key role in policing in England. The Home Office is responsible for the appointment of senior administrators, and also their removal. Chief executives arc expected to respond to any requirement for reports that emanate from the Home Office, which can also investigate any issue relevant to police forces, issue regulations and discuss appeals. This is further augmented by the budgetary power over local forces held by the Home Office, which provides 51 per cent of the monetary funds needed for each force. There are also decentralized aspects of police administration in the form of the local police authority (City Council for the City of London police, the Home Secretary for the London Metropolitian Police and committees composed of local magistrates and members of local councils for the provincial forces) and in the form of the chief executive (known as the chief constable) who manages the daily operations of each force (see Terrill, forthcoming).


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